In High Fantasy Tradition:
The Stone Guardians Book Series & Companion Art
by Kindrie Grove

 A Rare Treasure For fantasy fans!
Available now in Trade Copy and Ebook!

Book One

The  Messenger  From  Myris  Dar

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 Rowan Mor Lanyar is a swords-woman of extraordinary skill, trained from a young age to become an elite guardian of her Island home. But fate takes her far away across the Eyos Ocean to the turbulent land of Eryos where order and stability are remnants of a fallen empire and a forgotten time.

Now she must battle incredible odds to deliver a message to the Northern most kingdom where an army of legendary creatures are threatening to end the emerging peace.

With the help of a band of mercenaries who pledge her their service, Rowan discovers friendship, love and a chance to fulfill a purpose connected to the ancient past.

A page turning adventure with battles, mystery, intrigue, romance and fantastic characters - an epic and inspiring novel written in the best fantasy traditions of Tolkien and Goodkind.

Kindrie Grove brings it all together in a beautiful tale! 

Welcome to Eryos

A chaotic darkness has consumed the lands of Eryos. The fall of the twin empires left a collection of lawless realms where quest for power and the might of the sword hold sway.


Only Pellar in the north has the strength and vision to foster an age of peace and prosperity, allowing the kingdoms to emerge from turmoil. But a legendary enemy threatens to overwhelm Pellar, extinguishing that fragile hope.

Into this turbulent land, Rowan Mor Lanyar must travel on a quest to bring an urgent message to the northern king – along with a slim chance to stop the coming darkness.

Available for pre-order in Ebook!

Coming This Fall.... 

REMEMBERING, BOOK  Two of The Stone Guardians

Hunted by hateful assassins in the midst of inexplicable and other worldly happenings, Rowan begins to unravel who she really is...

Now she and Torrin must leave Myris Dar to follow the mysterious pull she feels.

And meanwhile, across the barrier of the Great Timor Mountains an ancient sleeper awakens, his arrival heralding a new age for all of Eryos.

The celebrated couple returns to the pages as the adventure continues in Book Two of The Stone Guardians. As they reunite with old friends and discover new ones, Rowan and Torrin must battle an ancient foe in a war that has been raging since beyond memory.

A spell-binding synthesis of inner pathos, outer mettle and a depth of spirit that reaches beyond anything Rowan or Torrin could have imagined, this page turner will satisfy fans of epic high fantasy.

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The Story

Setting words to paper, imagery into paintings & bronze...

This project began almost 12 years ago with a scene that came to my mind and would not leave. I began to write, thinking that it would free me to move on. Little did I know what a torrent of storytelling it would release. The book began to write itself, and I read it as it was written. The initial bones of the tale came through incredibly quickly with characters so powerfully real for me that I lived and breathed with them.

Then began the slow task of turning the telling of the story into a well written adventure that could be shared with the world. From then on, the work on the manuscript happened in short moments snatched from a busy family life and career as a professional artist.

As I neared the end of the incremental editing process, the images and spirit of the characters began to arrive as sculptures and paintings. Thus was born the Legend Collection ­– works of art that explore the archetypal essence of my book as well as other mythologies. This series of works is on-going as is the writing now of the second book of The Stone Guardians series: Remembering.


It is my hope that you enjoy the characters and story as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


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