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The Stone Guardians Fantasy Book Series by Kindrie Grove


The Novels

The Stone Guardians novels will encompass four epic high fantasy books by Canadian author and artist, Kindrie Grove. This page-turning book series and each of their Companion Sketchbooks are great reads for teens and adults alike.

Kindrie Grove is also a well-known fine artist who is applying her skills to creating illustrations and artwork for her books.

Open the cover and settle in for a great adventure story filled with action, magic, destiny and romance.

Books One & Two of this four novel series are available in trade copy and ebook.
Book Three is in production.
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About The Stone Guardians
By Kindrie Grove

Portrait of Kindrie Grove, Canadian Artist and Author.

Welcome to Eryos

A chaotic darkness has consumed the lands of Eryos. The fall of the twin empires left a collection of lawless realms where quest for power and the might of the sword hold sway.


Only Pellar in the north has the strength and vision to foster an age of peace and prosperity, allowing the kingdoms to emerge from turmoil. But a legendary enemy threatens to overwhelm Pellar, extinguishing that fragile hope.

Into this turbulent land, swords-woman Rowan Mor Lanyar must travel on a quest to bring an urgent message to the northern king – along with a slim chance to stop the coming darkness.

Torrin Ralor, a restless swordsman traveling to answer a summons from his homeland, comes to her aid. Their fates, it seems, are entwined. Together they must find a way to save the kingdom or die trying.


The Companion Sketchbooks
Enter the world of The Stone Guardians as the author and artist envisions it.

Each novel has its own Companion Sketchbook which features richly detailed drawings, sketches, paintings, author notes and behind the scenes looks at the characters and concept art for the project.

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Illustrated Versions Coming Soon...

These Companion Sketchbooks also document the ultimate intention to release The Stone Guardians as fully illustrated volumes.

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The Stone Guardians Blog

Behind the Scenes – A Synergy of Writing and Art


As the world of The Stone Guardians develops, the cross pollination between the writing and the art creation has increased. Sometimes scenes for the books have come through first as paintings and sculptures. It is a rich and rewarding process and I am gratified to be able to share it with my audience. 

I am in the process of transferring the Patreon blog post here to my website blog so have a look through and see some of what I share of this on-going creative process.


I will still post links in Patreon and ArtStation as well as Instagram and Facebook. 



Character Back Stories...
On-going Short Stories Released on Wattpad.


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