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Adventure Starts Here.

The perfect addition to your fantasy book shelf.

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Open the cover and settle in for a great adventure-filled story with action, magic, destiny and romance.

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The Message was Only the Beginning....

A mysterious warrior hunted relentlessly for the message she carries. A restless swordsman who pledges her aid. As dark chaos spreads across the land, together they must face the vengeful evil at its heart.


Rowan Mor Lanyar is a swords-woman of extraordinary skill, trained from a young age to become an elite guardian of her island home. But a prophesy of hope and salvation sends her across the Eryos Ocean to the turbulent land of Eryos where order and stability are remnants of fallen empires and a forgotten time.


Rowan, unaware of the depth of her role in the coming conflict must deliver her message to the northern most kingdom where a an army of  legendary creatures are threatening to end the emerging peace.


Torrin Ralor, along with his brother Nathell and their small band of mercenaries, travel northward toward Pellar, answering a summons to help defend the kingdom. It is a homeland Torrin vowed never return to, and now he must face the ghosts of his tragic past.


In the forbidden Wilds, they discover the mysterious Myrian warrior, Rowan, wounded and hunted by the same frightening beasts. Remarkably, her mission aligns with their own, yet she travels with a strange and unlikely friend, whose true nature leads them to question all they have heard about the northern attacks.


As the danger grows, it becomes more apparent that they must get Rowan and her message to Pellar and the king, but it seems the message is only the beginning, for the true threat is much more complex and dangerous than they could have imagined.


Together, Rowan, Torrin, and their companions must face an ancient and forbidding magic, whose dreadful legacy fuels a terrible desire for revenge and destruction.


Traveling through spell-binding landscapes filled with danger and adventure, Rowan and Torrin face a destiny that will entangle them both and forever change who they are.

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By Kindrie Grove

The Stone Guardians novels will encompass four epic high fantasy books by Canadian author and artist, Kindrie Grove. This page-turning book series and each of their Companion Sketchbooks are great reads for teens and adults alike.

Also a well-known fine artist, Kindrie is creating all the illustrations and artwork for her books.



Book One Trailer...

Amazon Reviews

                                   4.5 Rating

What Readers Have to Say...

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The start of a great adventure!

I thoroughly enjoyed this fantasy adventure! The characters are compelling, the story keeps you turning the pages, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Amazon Customer

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Portrait of Kindrie Grove, Canadian Artist and Author.

Welcome to Eryos

A chaotic darkness has consumed the lands of Eryos. The fall of the twin empires left a collection of lawless realms where quest for power and the might of the sword hold sway.


Only Pellar in the north has the strength and vision to foster an age of peace and prosperity, allowing the kingdoms to emerge from turmoil. But a legendary enemy threatens to overwhelm Pellar, extinguishing that fragile hope.

Into this turbulent land, swords-woman Rowan Mor Lanyar must travel on a quest to bring an urgent message to the northern king – along with a slim chance to stop the coming darkness.

Torrin Ralor, a restless swordsman traveling to answer a summons from his homeland, comes to her aid. Their fates, it seems, are entwined. Together they must find a way to save the kingdom or die trying.

Bronze Archer sculpture by Kindrie Grove


Imagine the feeling of aged parchment under your fingertips, beautiful hand-written cursive script and layers of deckled edge papers with classical drawings from a by-gone era enfolded between the pages.

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Each novel has its own Companion Sketchbook which features richly detailed drawings, sketches, paintings, author notes and behind the scenes looks at the characters and concept art for the project.

Volume one parchment page version of the Stone Guardians Sketchbook Vol 1 by Kindrie Grove

Immerse yourself in a Deeper Vision
with Aged parchment & Storied Beauty....

Perfect companions to the novels.

Behind the scenes with
author notes and annotations.

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Companion sketchbook 1 hardcover_edited.

Enjoy richly detailed renderings
of the characters and places.

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Volume  One


Volume  Two


Illuminated Versions

These Companion Sketchbooks also document the ultimate intention to release The Stone Guardians as fully illuminated volumes.


Explore the Full Scope of The Stone Guardians

Behind the Scenes – A Synergy of Writing and Art

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As the world of The Stone Guardians develops, the cross pollination between the writing and the art creation has increased.


Sometimes scenes for the books have come through first as paintings and sculptures.


It is a rich and rewarding process and I am gratified to be able to share it with my audience. 

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 Fantasy Lovers' Feast

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