The Stone Guardians


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The Messenger from Myris Dar
Book One of The Stone Guardians


Rowan Mor Lanyar is a swords-woman of extraordinary skill, trained from a young age to become an elite guardian of her Island home. But fate takes her far away across the Eyos Ocean to the turbulent land of Eryos where order and stability are remnants of a fallen empire and a forgotten time.

Now she must battle incredible odds to deliver a message to the Northern most kingdom where a an army of  legendary creatures are threatening to end the emerging peace.

With the help of a band of mercenaries who pledge her their service, Rowan discovers friendship, love and a chance to fulfill a purpose connected to the ancient past.

A page turning adventure with battles, mystery, intrigue, romance and fantastic characters - an epic and inspiring novel written in the best fantasy traditions of Tolkien and Goodkind.

Kindrie Grove brings it all together in a beautiful tale!


Stay Tuned...

The Adventure will continue in Book Two!

Book Two of The Stone Guardians

The adventure was over, or so they thought... but Rowan begins to have strange dreams and visions. She is drawn west by some inexplicable pull. The journey she and Torrin undertake is a perilous one. Will they unravel the mystery?

Meanwhile across the Great Timor Mountains, an ancient sleeper awakens who must find what has been lost.

Don't miss the chance to meet new characters and reconnect with the ones you love in Book Two of The Stone Guardians: Remembering

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