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Inside Volume One
Sample Pages

This 79 page trade copy paperback volume is filled with concept art, sketches, finely rendered and detailed drawings of the characters and concepts from the world of The Stone Guardians.

Sample pages for Volume One of The Companion Sketchbook.

E-book: $2.99 USD
Trade copy: $15.95 USD
Hardcover: $25.50 USD

Feather pen scroll.png
Companion sketchbook 1 hardcover.png

Kindrie Grove's sketchbooks published for you to enjoy.

Photo of inside Volume one of the Companion Sketchbook by Kindrie Grove.jpg
Inside book photo of The Stone Guardians Companion Sketchbook by Kindrie Grove.jpg
Photo of inside the Stone Guardians Companion Sketchbook by Kindrie Grove.jpg
photo of inside volume one of the stone guardians companion sketchbook by Kindrie
Torrin Armor Detail fantasy drawing by Kindrie Grove.jpg
Art pencils (1).png

the Characters & Places  of Book I

Art pencils white.png

I love working with traditional drawing materials to create finely detailed renderings.

White highlights on toned paper invoke a rich and storied imagery to accompany The Stone Guardians novels.

The Bailey Key Illustration by Kindrie Grove.jpg

New Parchment Page rework for the Companion Sketchbooks!
Available Soon...

The Stone Guardian Sketchbook Vol1 page spread1 by Kindrie Grove.png

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