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A Deep Exploration into my Creative Process...

As the work progresses on the novels, so too does it progress on a visual front. Indeed many of the scenes written for book two and three were inspired first by drawings and paintings.

As this project continues to unfold, it has become very apparent that the visual side: illustrations, paintings and even the bronze sculpture is as important as the stories themselves. 

There are now two published Companion Sketchbooks – one for each of the first two novels. They include behind the scenes looks into the creation of the characters and the places in the land of Eryos. I take you on a walk through not only the concept sketches and drawings, but also how the writing is evolving and what I love about the characters. I invite you to peak inside my cross-disciplinary creative process to see how it all unfolds.

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The Stone Guardians Blog

Find everything of The Stone Guardians, from the illustration work and release of each new sketchbook page, to book news and announcements, and new fine art works in the fantasy genre.

I have recently begun to move the blog content from Patreon home to my website, so head over to the blog page and take a look through the categories and see what is new. 

The blog is the primary way that I share the on-going process of creating the books and the content for the Companion Sketchbooks.

The Stone Guardians Companion Sketchbook Volumes One & Two are available

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Volume I

79 full bleed colour pages filled with drawings, concept sketches and artist/author notes and annotations. 


Readings by The Author

These short videos feature excerpts from my books paired with the illustration work.

They are homemade on my iMovie and Garage Band software. Very simple, yet I had a lot of fun narrating and creating them. 

I hope you enjoy them!

Volume II

85 full bleed colour pages filled with drawings, paintings, concept sketches and artist/author notes and annotations. 

Volume II of the Stone Guardians Companion Sketchbook by Kindrie Grove.jpg

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