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The Story Behind the Story

Sword drawing icon by Kindrie Grove
Embossed text for The Stone Guardians
photo of Kindrie Grove with a large warhorse sculpture

Hi, I'm Kindrie,

These books came to me in dreams...

Here is my journey into The Stone Guardians Universe.

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Fountain pen with ink bottle

The Story Behind the Story


These characters and their story first came to me in my dreams. I received a recurring vision of them meeting for the first time in a rugged wilderness, at night, the scene lit only by the light of a small campfire.


Torrin Character illustration by Kindrie Grove .jpg
Feather pen with scroll

This dream played out multiple times over several successive nights, until decided to sit down and write it out. At the time, I thought that would be the end of it.


Instead, a doorway to this fantasy world, which had only been cracked open, was blown wide, and the first novel began to stream through with a shocking power and intensity.


I read the book as I wrote it – each day an exciting adventure, as the words flew onto the page, describing an epic quest, a message that could save a kingdom, and the characters who faced mortal danger to deliver it.

I felt like a lens, a conduit, that allowed The Stone Guardians to pour through, so they could  inhabit our world.


These characters were like real people for me, I fell in love with them all, and was compelled to honour their story, not only in a written novel series, but in drawings, paintings and sculpture.

Torrin And his black Warhorse oil painting by Kindrie Grove.jpg

There was no choice to be made. I was driven to share this tale and these characters as a part of my life’s purpose, and connecting with them, journeying into their world, was like discovering a long-lost part of my own story.


About the New Editions

Three Become Six...

All of my books – one through three – are 700 -800 plus pages long, which is too long and cumbersome for hardcover versions.


Even the trade copies can be hard to easily carry in a backpack or bag, and they make quite a handful for reading.  


So with this in mind, as well as much thoughtful consideration, I have decided to split each novel into two.


Here is how it will Work...

Sword drawing icon by Kindrie Grove

Current Book One


The Messenger From Myris Dar

Book One


Keeper's Burden

Book Two




Cover reveal coming soon...

Sword drawing icon by Kindrie Grove

Current Book Two



Book Three

Cover for Book Two of the Stone Guardians, Remembering by Kindrie Grove.jpg

Echoes of Eternity

Book Four



Cover reveal coming soon...

Sword drawing icon by Kindrie Grove

Current Book Three


A Light in the Dark

Book Five

A Light InTheDark Cover for Book Three by Kindrie Grove.jpg

Battleground of Souls

Book Six



Cover reveal coming soon...

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