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Fun & quick READS!

Fantasy Novellas

Fantasy Short Stories featuring the character backstories from The Stone Guardians by Kindrie Grove.

Pen and ink bottle

Exciting and enjoyable fantasy short stories from the Stone Guardians' world!

Follow the early adventures of Rowan, Torrin and the rest of their companions before they became the renown companions of Book One: The Messenger from Myris Dar.

Sword Icon Drawing by Kindrie Grove
Novella- Defender of Myris Dar MasterpageBackground.jpg

The defender of Myris Dar

Rowan is a member of the Myrian Guard, elite warrior guardians of Myris Dar. While on rotation home, she discovers pirates landing on the beach. Alone, with only her sword and her wits, she must thwart them until her comrades can aid her in defending Myris Dar.

This illustrated novella is available in two formats:

Re-flowable Epub (white pages) and Fixed layout PDF 

Read the First Chapter
for free on my blog

Sword Icon Drawing by Kindrie Grove

Torrin's Sword

Meet Torrin and Nathell before they were part of the renown and diverse group of companions that Rowan meets in The Messenger From Myris Dar. 


The story of how Torrin and Nathell meet Arynilas, the shape-shifting Tynithian archer who becomes a intregral part of their lives.

Each story is released a chapter at a time on Wattpad and right here on my Blog.

Cover image for The Stone Guardians Fantasy Novella, Torrin's Sword by Kindrie Grove
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Sword Icon Drawing by Kindrie Grove

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