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Writing Sample For Book Two


Inside Book Three
Sneak Peek!

Releasing in early 2023...

A Light in the Dark will be the third book in The Stone Guardians fantasy novel series.


Enjoy a preview of Book Three!

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Writing Sample for Book Three

Excerpt From Chapter: Oblivion


The flash left Rowan stunned and she stood dazed. Then a skin-crawling sensation began to spread through her chest. Her eyes widened and she gasped in a horrified breath as it began to burn and pulse sickeningly.

“Torrin!” Rowan cried out in panic.

She was being pulled inside out. The room dimmed – as if from a great distance – she watched Torrin lunge toward her. She wanted to reach for him, but she couldn’t move.

Searing pain lanced through her, ripping a scream from her throat. The vault shimmered, then everything was gone.

She couldn’t speak, there was no sense of up or down. The echo of the scream she heard was her own, but she had no mouth, no voice to make it.

Chanting became audible, growing in volume. Even without physical sensation, Rowan recoiled in revulsion as she realized whose voice it was. Feeling returned to her body – a pulsing, pulling that tugged at her. It intensified and a room began to take shape.

It was not the vault in Tyrn.

A dark room resolved around her, filled with bookcases and tables covered in instruments and strange contraptions. The air she pulled into her lungs was warm and dry, laden heavily with  incense.

A short figure stood before her, his arms raised, round face glazed with sweat and his eyes feverish. The Magus’s voice rose in pitch as unintelligible words tumbled from his mouth along with his spittle.


The disembodiment subsided and she could feel her limbs once more. The weight of her sword, still clenched in her hand gave her feeble hope.

It was enough. It had to be.

Amid her disorientation, Rowan gripped her sword, clenching her teeth and striving to gather all her strength to attack.

Suddenly white light flashed around her and Rowan was pulled again. She gasped as the horrific sensation of being folded inside out rolled through her once more.

She was torn away from the room, from Ilyason and his chanting.

The last thing she heard was the Magus’s frustrated screech.

Then oblivion took her.

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Preview cover for book three, A light in the dark by Kindrie Grove.png

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