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Studies of Hands And Sword Hilts

Updated: May 5, 2022

Back to the Basics...

These new studies are focused on hands and sword hilts. Hands can be one of the most difficult part of anatomy to draw, aside from faces...

I decided to focus on some small, quick drawings from various source material I have collected over the last few years. Some come from a photo shoot I did at a medieval faire of two lovely fellows who were medieval weapons aficionados. They did a marvelous sword fight sequence that I photographed.

I have not done much with the material until now. It is quite refreshing to just focus on one aspect of a scene, rather than the whole, which can become laborious and daunting, if every time you sit down to draw, your expectation is to create a full complete figure with all the weapons and armor.

I enjoyed creating these studies and hope you enjoy them as well!

This drawing comes from a reference pack I purchased on Art Station by Satine Zillah, a fantastic fantasy artist who does photo reference shoots with costumes and props:

This one was from one of my medieval faire photos which I modified to become Torrin. I think This will become a larger, more detailed illustration at some point.

These are actually my hands! I had someone photograph me with one of the swords. It was too heavy for me, as it was a man's blade, but I managed to move through the sword forms I learned during my martial arts training years. It is great source material for Rowan.

Thanks for reading,

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