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photo of Kindrie sculpting a large Pegasus

About Kindrie Grove

I am a multi-disciplinary Canadian artist and author working with fantasy and animal subjects through the mediums of cast bronze, oil painting, traditional drawing and writing.

My work is play! 


Inspiration drives me and I move between projects and mediums as they require attention. My writing informs my artwork and vice versa. I am continually amazed by the joys of a creative life.

This fantasy novel and illustration project has grown hugely, now encompassing three of at least four novels, two companion sketchbooks and an ever-expanding collection of illustrations, paintings and sculpture.

I  am excited to share it with you as it progresses!

Pen with script

Writing & Illustrating Process

Head over to my Blog to learn about my creative process.

Photo of Kindrie Writing Hand and journal
Sword Icon Drawing by Kindrie Grove


Kindrie Grove is a Canadian artist and author. Her works express her reverence for animals, both wild and domestic, as powerful and magnificent creatures. More recently she has been exploring moving fantasy art subjects across all mediums.


Formal training at the Alberta College of Art and Design has led to her successful career as a professional artist.

Studies of wildlife in natural habitats throughout North America and southern Africa have informed Kindrie’s extensive portfolio.

Kindrie is best known for her large, original oil paintings of wildlife and horses, and her distinctive hand cast bronze sculpture. Her work is collected worldwide and featured in galleries across Canada and the United States. It is in numerous international private and corporate collections including the Toronto Congress Centre’s Kindrie Grove Lobby.

Kindrie creates from her private home studio and is currently working on a body of fantasy paintings and sculptures related to her Stone Guardians Books and Art Project. Volume III of the Companion Sketchbook is underway as well as Book Three of The Stone Guardians, A Light In The Dark.

She lives with her family in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia, Canada. 

To follow Kindrie's work on the fantasy illustrations for her books visit:

Blog Page


To see more of Kindrie's fine art works visit:

old books in a stack
Sword Icon Drawing by Kindrie Grove

Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign...

I am so excited to share the news about an upcoming Kickstarter campaign we are planning to re-release the books with a premium hardcover, colour illustrations version. 

Stay Tuned...

For Licensing and Publishing Inquiries, please contact:

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Sword Icon Drawing by Kindrie Grove

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