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Sword drawing icon by Kindrie Grove

Fantasy Art & Illustrations

Explore detailed illustrations, emotive paintings and bronze sculpture featuring the characters and themes from Kindrie Grove's epic fantasy novel series.

Bronze sculpture of a warrior riding a warhorse by Kindrie Grove
Art pencils white

My illustration work for the books features finely rendered drawings that evoke the romance and gravitas of the characters and places.

I love this world and the people and creatures in it so I strive to portray them as clearly as I see them when I write their stories.

Layers of Fine detail...

Torrin Armor Detail fantasy drawing by Kindrie Grove
Fantasy art print, Knight and Warhorse, by Kindrie Grove.jpg
Sword drawing icon by Kindrie Grove

Delve into the Spirit Warrior Mythos

Below are some of my fine art paintings & bronze sculpture featuring the spirit of the characters from the books.

Limited Edition
Hand Cast Bronze

Original Oil Paintings

Sword drawing icon by Kindrie Grove

More to Explore...

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