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Study for Rowan's Hand & New Work in Progress

Updated: May 5, 2022

Rowan's Hand Gripping Her Sword Hilt:

©Kindrie Grove Studios Inc.

Hands, fingers, knuckles and fingernails can be some of the most difficult and exacting human anatomy to draw...

This study may end up finding its way into a larger illustration or perhaps an oil painting, but it was enjoyable to work on as a separate drawing. I especially enjoyed the vambrace with its etched scrolling patterns.

I imagined this drawing showing Rowan's hand with her index finger over the guard as she perhaps carries the blade in a relaxed way, resting her hand and forearm. I have done some sword work with actual swords and they are quite a bit heavier than my bamboo Kali sticks – the forms are the same, but the weight of the weapon is very different. Having a finger exposed over the guard would not be wise during practice or a battle...

Yet tucking the finger over the guard to keep hold of the hilt while relaxing the rest of the hand works quite well to give all those small muscles a break.

Up next...

Work in Progress: Rowan and Torrin with their Horses.

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This drawing will feature both Rowan and Torrin with their horses.

I see it as an illustration depicting a moment from Book Two, Remembering, as they travel together across Dendor and Ren, following the strange pull Rowan is experiencing which will lead them toward the Last Stone Guardian.

I wanted to portray the intensity of her experience as well as Torrin's unease. He trusts her and supports her but also worries for their safety as they travel the lawless lands of Ren.

I still have a lot to do on this one...

I hope you enjoy this update:

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