Dark Alley Rescue: Lanfear & Tyria

The Story:

Tyria's people are called the Oriathy. Those that live below the Great Escarpment and cut off from the tribe Tyria was born in, are often taken as slaves by the Tyrant Emperor Rothius. In Eryos, slavery is outlawed but ships that ply the coasts are often manned by slave labour. Because of their white hair and pale skin, the slaves are often called Ship Ghosts.

While in a crowded market in Tyrn, a criminal gang causes a distraction so they can kidnap Tyria while Lanfear is occupied. It takes him a while to track down where she has been taken. Intent on selling her back to the ship captains as a runaway slave, the gang is hustling her through a dark alley near the harbor. Lanfear confronts the would-be kidnappers and they meet an abrupt end at the point of his sword.

While I like aspects of this illustration, I think I may redo it as an oil painting to really showcase the dark atmosphere of the scene. The alley is dark and the buildings high and blocking out the dim light of Tyrn's perpetual overcast skies.

Drawing Notes:

  • This illustration was completed with new Faber-Castell Pitt Matt Graphite pencils and white Prismacolor. The Pitt Matts are wonderful because the graphite doesn't shine nearly as much as regular graphite. This allows the darks to read better.

  • I added some Yellowed-orange for Lanfear's eyes as well as Poppy Red and Scarlet Lake for his sword hilt's stone.

  • This drawing is completed on a sheet of heavy 9 x 12 inch Strathmore Toned-gray paper.

  • Drawing time was about 12 hours.