New fantasy painting print And the Horse Characters of The Stone Guardians.

I am excited to share this new limited edition print of Torrin & His Black Warhorse. Those of you who have read the books know how much of a role the horses play. They are an intrinsic part of the character family. I grew up with horses and as a writer, it was so enjoyable to bring that experience into the story and character relationships!

The horse characters of The Stone Guardians:


Rowan's horse, a big dapple grey stallion named Roanus, was born on Myris Dar and came with her to Eryos on the ship that brought her and her party at the beginning of Book One. When Rowan meets the Klyssen Horse Clans, her horse becomes a point for debate and Rowan is surprised to learn that the Clans have knowledge of the studbooks on Myris Dar.


Torrin's warhorse is simply named Black. He is a young horse, still in training but with great potential. Torrin, as an experienced rider, guides the spirited young animal with patience and affection. Torrin's previous horse, a much loved and highly trained battle mount had been killed during a skirmish with bandits.

Rowan Rides

Rowan Rides, Illustration for Book Two. graphite, watercolour and Prismacolor on toned paper. 9 x 12 inches.

This illustration is one of my favorites. It is available as both a print and a postcard. I featured it in Book Two during a chapter near the beginning where Rowan and Torrin race their horses on Myris Dar. Just after their contest begins they meet a messenger sent from the Seer's of Danum. Rowan and Torrin must travel to the Seer's fortress to discover why they have been summoned, launching them on a new adventure and a return to the land of Eryos.

Flight Toward the Marshes

Work in progress, Flight Toward the Marshes, graphite and white Prismacolot on toned paper. 9 x 12 inches.

This one is a detail of an illustration I am working on from Book One where Rowan and the rest of the companions are fleeing toward the marshes to escape a triton of Raken chasing them. The horses are flagging and during the scene Roanus trips and Rowan is pitched forward over his head. Torrin, coming behind on his Black is able to haul her up behind him as he pelts past. Rowan, looking back at her horse as he struggles to regain his footing, is relieved to see that he is un-injured and following behind the others on his own.

Traveling the Wilds

Early concept drawing for Book One: Traveling Through the Wilds, India ink.

In the concept drawing above, the companions travel through the rugged, twisting and ancient forests of the Wilds. Believed to be haunted, this forest straddles the borders of Dendor, Klyssen and Ren, though non of those realms are willing to enforce their stake. Every time men are sent into the Wilds to cut timber or lay claim, they are never heard from again, and the rare few that are, stumble out of the wilderness babbling of Tynithian magic and monsters. None regain their sanity.

Torrin and the others discovered the secret to traveling safely through its vastness. You will have to read Book One to learn how… ;o)

The Print:

I love how this print of Torrin and Black turned out. It is printed on heavy duty, hot-pressed watercolour paper which allows the colour to be rich and intense. It is available in several sizes starting with 9 x 12 inches.

Sculpture Version:

This painting has also inspired a bronze sculpture which I am currently working on entitled, The Partnership.

Stay tuned...

Original Oil:

The original painting is 24 x 30 inches painted with oil on canvas.

Torrin and his Black Warhorse, oil, 24 x 30 inches

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