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The Braveheart Collection: Part One

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Warrior and charging Warhorse oil painting by Kindrie Grove
Braveheart III, Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches by Kindrie Grove


The Braveheart Collection:

Personal Empowerment Themed Paintings Through Fantasy Character-scapes. I first began these paintings over three years ago. At the time work halted on them because I felt both logistically and personally that I was not ready to complete them.

Technically, I needed more time to practice and research this new subject matter; and personally, I felt I needed more spiritual maturity in order to properly contain and wield the energy coming through me to create these pieces. Time was needed for me to move further through my spiritual evolution, in order to be strong enough as an individual, as an artist, and as a woman to complete this work. Now as I begin to apply paint to canvas once more, I am enveloped in a rich and varied layering of personal archetypes and legends, celebrating individuality and spirit.

It is fitting that I post the first of these Braveheart pieces today on International Woman's Day. The work continues….

Thank you for supporting my work!

original oil painting of a warrior woman on a charging warhorse by Kindrie Grove
Detail of Braveheart III, original oil painting by Kindrie Grove

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Detail with hand holding brush painting by Kindrie Grove
Detail of Braveheart III by Kindrie Grove

Detail of Braveheart III by Kindrie Grove, green and blue painting with golden scrolls
Detail of Braveheart III by Kindrie Grove



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