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Aged Parchment & Storied Beauty.

Updated: Jan 17, 2023


Imagine the feeling of aged parchment under your fingertips, beautiful hand-written cursive script and layers of papers with classical drawings from a by-gone era enfolded between the pages.

That is the experience I am working to bring you!

This new presentation for the sketchbooks envelops the reader in old world craftsmanship, faded parchment and aged beauty. I strive to bring you the visual imagery of turning the pages of an ancient tome filled with sensual delights.

Was stamp seal of K on a parchment scrap by Kindrie Grove

I am so excited to share the new look for the Companion Sketchbooks with you!

As I began to work on Volume III of the Companion Sketchbook, a new page style emerged. I loved the presentation so much, I decided to update the first two volumes to match.

Scroll and feather pen

These books mean a lot to me.

They align with my aesthetic spirit and I so enjoy creating them!

If you decide to purchase a copy to experience it in person, I hope they bring you quiet moments of joyful exploration away from the busy hubbub of our electronic lives.

Make a cup of tea or coffee and settle into a comfy chair to immerse yourself in aged parchment and storied beauty.

Best Regards,


wax seal stamp of letter K

page spread for Companion sketchbook volume one by Kindrie Grove
Page spread for Volume One of the Companion Sketchbook


The drawings that I am inspired to create, often don't follow the writing sequence. They arrive as layerings of the various scenes in the books with additions and new refinements.

I decided to add several new pages to Volume One that were not completed at the time of its first publishing, yet which share important content from Book One, The Messenger From Myris Dar.

page spread for the companion sketchbook vol one by Kindrie Grove
New Page spread for Volume One of the Companion Sketchbook

page spread for Companion sketchbook vol one by Kindrie Grove
Page spread for Volume One of the Companion Sketchbook

Trade copy & ebook of the updated Volume I are now available.

You can find the updated version of Volume I of the Companion Sketchbook on Amazon in ebook and trade copy.

I am working on the hard cover version as well as and update for Volume II which I hope to have finished very soon.

Cover image for Volume one of the companion sketchbook by Kindrie Grove



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