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The Maps of The Stone Guardians

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Detail of fantasy map by Kindrie Grove

One of the most enjoyable aspects of writing novels is creating the maps of the places and lands you are writing about!

Maps are incredibly valuable to the writing process, helping me keep track of where my characters are as they travel, as well as giving the reader a clearer picture of the landscape in the stories.

Borders, cities, lakes, marshes, mountain ranges and forests shown visually is a must to ground the reader in the reality of the world.

Because The Messenger From Myris Dar and Remembering, Books One and Two of The Stone Guardians, take place in different lands, I created a different map for each. The Great Timor Mountain range is the common feature which divides the two and can be seen in both maps.

Below is a feature of the two final maps: Eryos and The West along with their early versions.


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Early Concept for Eryos:

Early Map of Eryos fantasy map drawing by Kindrie Grove
Early Map of Eryos

Final Map of Eryos:

I had a lot of fun with the border imagery for both of my maps. It was important to depict the atmosphere and scope of the fantasy world I was creating, as well as convey an aged visual tone.

Final Map of Eryos fantasy drawing by Kindrie Grove
Final Map of Eryos with Deckled Edge

Fantasy map flatlay by Kindrie Grove


Early Concepts for Map of the West:

Sometimes my early concepts differ greatly from the final version of a map. As I work out story, I will often sketch out maps to help me figure out the action. Sometimes they make it into the final version, and sometimes they don't.

flatlay photos of Note book for map of the west by Kindrie Grove
Notes for map of the west

Final Map of the West:

Map of the West fantasy map drawing by Kindrie Grove
Map of the West Deckled Edge

Map of the West, detail of drawing by Kindrie Grove
Map of the West, Detail

Banner map of the west drawing by Kindrie Grove

Maps Featured in The Companion Sketchbooks:

Both of the Companion Sketchbooks feature map sections which delve into more detail.

companion sketchbook page image of fantasy map by Kindrie Grove



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