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Ralicus and the Great Southern Desert Waste

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Additional Sketches for Volume II of The Stone Guardians Companion Sketchbook

Before publishing the second volume of the companion sketchbook, I created a few drawings to fill in gaps and help flesh-out some of the locations the characters travel through in Book Two: Remembering.

These are fairly quick studies of landscape and architecture from the Empire of Ralicus.

Beyond the Great Timor Mountains lies an arid, hot land where Lanfear awakens in the tomb of the Guardians. He flees from the Emperor Rothius and his magus, Ilyason and eventually meets Tyria in the forest of the Oriathy above the great escarpment. (see map below)

The Great Southern Desert Waste, graphite and white pencil crayon on toned paper, landscape drawing by Kindrie Grove
The Great Southern Desert Waste, graphite and white pencil crayon on toned paper

I hope you enjoy this drawings.


Tomb of the Guardians:

Lanfear wakes from an enchanted sleep deep underground in what is left of the great Temple of the Guardians. I wanted this sketch to convey how the tomb was still being excavated with shoulders of sand continually sliding down to cover the door set within a huge stone lintel. I look forward to doing a detailed version of this one, focused on the carving of the stone doors.

drawing of a  portal buried beneath sand by Kindrie Grove
Tomb of the Guardians, graphite

The Emperor's Palace:

Rothius's palace is described in the book as having many domes and courtyard gardens with fountains and ornamental plants. Pillars and pierce-work filigree windows are typical with burning braziers of incense for warmth in the cooler winter months.

The Palace of Ralicus, sketch of building by Kindrie Grove
The Palace of Ralicus, graphite

The Great Southern Desert Waste:

This place is described briefly in Book Two but is shown extensively in Book Three: A Light in the Dark. It is the home of Hathunor's people where Rowan is sent through a portal... I won't say more to avoid creating a spoiler! Needless to say it is a dune sea with searing heat and dry air.

drawing of sand dunes by Kindrie Grove
The Great Southern Desert Waste, graphite and pencil crayon on toned paper
open page of the Companion sketchbook volume two by Kindrie Grove
Featured in Volume Two of The Companion Sketchbook

Map of the West

fantasy map by Kindrie Grove
Map of the West, graphite and white pencil crayon on toned paper

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These locations are all featured in Book Two of the Stone Guardians



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